My Stories (so far)

I currently have four short stories published (one a joint effort with a friend).

Eternal Memories by Kevin P. Kilburn

In the wake of his father’s death, John Crandall prepares to return home one last time in the hopes that he can find something of his mother’s in the old homestead. The morning of his flight, John receives a message from Tony Petrelli, a research neurologist and childhood friend he hasn’t seen in over 35 years. John thinks the timing is too coincidental, and his suspicions are confirmed when Tony mentions that the old man wanted them to meet after he died, going as far to give him a metal tag stamped with numbers and telling him that John was the only one who knew what it was for. John later learns that Tony’s uncle, a neurosurgeon, was the one who treated his mother until her death from a ruptured brain glioma when John was only a few months old. Worse, Doctor Petrelli’s secret medical records indicate that she died in July, several weeks before the date John always knew. John and Tony realize that the answers lie in John’s repressed childhood memories and dreams, but is John ready to face the truth knowing that it could change his opinion of his parents forever?

“Eternal Memories” originally appeared online as part of Nevermet Press’ Stories in the Ether series.

Stories in the Ether

It was to appear in print in the anthology, What Lies Beneath, but was delayed for some time.

What Lies Beneath

It now appears in the anthology from a new editor with new cover art. Available at Amazon.



Lost Time (formerly known as The Healing Time) by Kevin P. Kilburn

Matthew Childers has experienced the tragic loss of his family at the hands of a brutal murderer, who walks free after a slick defense and incompetent prosecution at the trial. Even after a year, Matt hasn’t learned to cope with his loss and decides to seek revenge. After a confrontation in an alley with Matt, the murderer disappears. Matt’s shame in not being able to avenge his family’s deaths drives him to end it all, but a grief counselor named Sanborn intercedes and convinces Matt to allow him to help. Matt soon discovers that Sanborn has ulterior motives when he discloses that he is the one responsible for the murderer’s disappearance and that for a price, he will tell Matt where…or more appropriately when… the man is. Sanborn’s choice of words confuses Matt until he sees a demonstration of what Sanborn calls a temporal field generator, a machine that can send objects into the future.

“The Healing Time” was to appear in an anthology, A Glitch in the Continuum, published by Pill Hill Press. A Glitch in the Continuum was cancelled because of financial problems.

The cover art for A Glitch in the Continuum (originally designed for another publisher, but should be the same for the new one):

“Lost Time” found a new home in the anthology, Dark Mountains, but was plagued with delays.


It has finally been released, with a new editor and cover art. Available at Amazon.



Binary by Patrick Christian (Kevin P. Kilburn and Thomas C. Johnson collaboration)

Melanie is suffering from a debilitating migraine. Only one thing can help her. She must now make the decsion to suffer or find relief, but the consequences either way could be deadly.

“Binary” appears in the anthology, Synaptic Void.


Graceful Exit by Kevin P. Kilburn

Graceful Exit is an experimental-format flash fiction work that appears in the anthology, Synaptic Void, along with Binary (writing with Thomas C. Johnson as Patrick Christian).

Synaptic Void is available at Amazon.

For reference:

I have now available all of my stories in an anthology called Eternal Memories and Other Short Stories, on Amazon.



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