About Me

Aside from my career in the US Army, I am an amateur writer.  I enjoy retrocomputing and writing science fiction.  I have two publishing credits so far with two short stories (8 – 10K words each) that will appear in upcoming anthologies later in 2011 and early 2012.  One is published online now at nevermetpress.com (Eternal Memories – part of the Stories in the Ether series).

I began writing stories in 5th Grade (circa 1979) and won Third Place in a school county-wide writing tournament.  I never really pursued my writing and became more interested in filmmaking during high school and college.  I didn’t pursue those either.

In 2000, a friend and I wrote and filmed a comedy roast of our senior boss.  It turned out to be a huge success and we then began writing an interactive fiction game, which morphed into a novel.  That project never came to be, but it rekindled my interest in writing and I wrote the first few chapters to a novel in 2007.  Over the next couple of years, I wrote some short stories and ran them through several critique circles (Forward Motion for Writers and Critique Circle websites), eventually submitting them to Asimov’s, Analog, and other magazines.

In 2011, two of my stores were finally accepted for publication.  I still have several projects on the back burner, including the interactive fiction game and novel based on the same idea, my novel I started in 2007, a Commodore 64 Retrocomputing book, and some other ideas.  I don’t have much time to write now, but I do think about it a lot and try to get some ideas onto paper (so to speak) while waiting in the airports or on trips.

Anyway, I hope you find something useful here.


  1. spacegobbie says:

    Hey it’s Clark. Lost your number.


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