C64 / C65 compatible computer in FPGA

Posted: 17 September 2014 in Computing, Information, Retro

I ran across this the other day and wanted to repost it.

Making a C64/C65 compatible computer in an FPGA

It’s a project by Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen to develop a Commodore 64 / Commodore 65 compatible system in a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). There have been other similar projects for the Commodore 64, but not a hardware version of the Commodore 65 (a successor to the C64, but was unreleased to the mass market, with only a few of the prototypes being sold) that I know of.

What I like about this is that Dr. Gardner-Stephen (in his own words) “purposely used an off-the-shelf FPGA board, so no one has to wait for a PCB production run. Just buy yourself a Nexys4 board and get a spare SD card 2GB or less in size.”

Specs for the board are here (on the Digilent website – not an advertisement, just the first site I ran across).

I’m looking forward to seeing a completed version of a hardware (FPGA) Commodore 64.


VNC ViewerScreenSnapz009


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