Wine bottle writing contest grows in popularity

Posted: 31 December 2011 in News

Translated from Italian news via the Panorama military newspaper, Friday 16 December 2011 edition.

Wine bottle writing contest grows in popularity

According to Italy’s statistic agency ISTAT, more than half of Italians don’t read even a book a year that is not imposed by their work or study duties. One Italian family out of 10 doesn’t have a single book at home, the survey reported. Since people read very little in Italy, winemakers and a leading Italian bookstore decided six years ago to promote reading in a particular way. They set up a short story contest for amateur writers on a subject related to wine, and three winners would have had their works published on the backs of wine bottles. This year, winners will see their short stories published in the form of tiny booklets attached to the bottles of wine. This contest’s popularity grew over the years, to include about 1,000 short stories, and the organizers are now thinking about extending the contest in Europe, as well as in the United States and Canada.

Interesting concept. I haven’t yet seen the stories on the backs of wine bottles here in Italy, but I’ll be looking now that I’m aware of it. I hope this finds its way to the States.


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