“Binary” Accepted

Posted: 27 November 2011 in Uncategorized, Writing

“Binary” was just accepted to the Synaptic Void anthology, edited by Joe Jablonski.


“Binary” is by Patrick Christian, my and my friend’s pen name for our joint projects.  (Patrick Christian is our middle names — Kevin P. Kilburn and Thomas C. Johnson).  Binary is flash fiction.  I originally had a self-imposed 750-word limit, but it wasn’t possible to tell the story with that limit. I increased it to 1,000 words, which allowed me and Thomas to finish it.

The story stemmed from a writing project (experiment) we did together.  We each wrote a scene without divulging to the other where we were headed with it.  We alternated back and forth over a period of a few weeks.  “Binary” features one of the characters and a refinement of a scene in our project.  I was really happy with it, so I decided to make it a stand-alone story and recruited Thomas to help polish it up.

Co-writing is difficult.  I can see why collaborators split even after several succesful screenplays/movies.  Sometimes the writers just want to go in different directions and if neither give, then there’s going to be some conflict, perhaps to the point where resolution is impossible.

Thomas and I started on an interactive fiction game, which turned into a sci-fi novel, but we never completed the project.  It got stuck in the conceptual phase because we never established a “good idea cutoff point”.  I hope that we can complete it someday because I think it’s a good story with solid characters and scientific background.

I have another story in the works which also comes from our writing project/experiment.  I’m not sure where this one will go in terms of length, but I think it will be at least a short story.  I’m thinking about a series of stories, all set in our world we created from our project.  There are lots of possibilities.



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