Eternal Memories is Published

Posted: 31 October 2011 in Uncategorized

My second (well, first now that A Glitch in the Continuum has been cancelled) story “Eternal Memories” has been published at NeverMet Press’ website.  It’s due out later next year in a printed anthology.

Here’s the link…

Eternal Memories

In the wake of his father’s death, John Crandall prepares to return home one last time in the hopes that he can find something of his mother’s in the old homestead.  The morning of his flight, John receives a message from Tony Petrelli, a research neurologist and childhood friend he hasn’t seen in over 35 years.  John thinks the timing is too coincidental, and his suspicions are confirmed when Tony mentions that the old man wanted them to meet after he died, going as far to give him a metal tag stamped with numbers and telling him that John was the only one who knew what it was for.  John later learns that Tony’s uncle, a neurosurgeon, was the one who treated his mother until her death from a ruptured brain glioma when John was only a few months old.  Worse, Doctor Petrelli’s secret medical records indicate that she died in July, several weeks before the date John always knew.  John and Tony realize that the answers lie in John’s repressed childhood memories and dreams, but is John ready to face the truth knowing that it could change his opinion of hisparents forever?

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