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Aeon Timeline

Posted: 1 September 2011 in Uncategorized

This looks like a nice writing tool. For Mac OS X.

From the description on the blog:

Traditional timeline applications provide a one-dimensional perspective of events in time. Their primary purpose is to display data, not to capture, explore and create ideas. They are presentational, attractive, well-suited to overhead slides and projectors. They suit after-the-fact recording, not spontaneous creation.

Aeon Timeline is different. Aeon Timeline grew from a conversation amongst writers about the timeline tool they want to see: a timeline that is more than a list of dates and events; a tool that captures the changes caused by an event, not just the event itself; a tool that displays not just the plot points for the story they tell, but the world of causality behind the narrative; a tool that could describe many lives in a connected universe. Foremost, they want a tool designed for them, not a tool they must wrestle to their command.

Aeon Timeline aims to meet this need.